Best Test For Diabetes

4 Top Tests For Diabetes 

Visiting your doctor with symptoms of frequent trips to the bathroom and unhealing bruises, you’ll get asked for a diabetes test. Depending on your condition and symptoms, 4 top tests for diabetes can be recommended by your doctor.

What happens if you get diagnosed with diabetes? You will be asked to take certain medicines and work on simple tips to prevent diabetes.

You may, later on, do some home diabetes tests. But to diagnose your condition, you must visit your doctor.

Don’t know about the critical test for diabetes?

Below we’ll discuss the 4 top tests for diabetes to help you understand which test you might have to take.

Who Should Get A Diabetes Test?

The straightforward answer is people having symptoms of diabetes must get a test for diabetes. Your doctor will choose from the 4 top tests for diabetes.

 Catching your disease early in time can help you cure diabetes permanently. It might get too late if the tests aren’t done on time.

Yet the worst thing with some diabetic patients is a lack of symptoms. People with risk factors for diabetes should keep on getting the critical test for diabetes after every few months.

Whether you have high or low blood sugar, it can cause complications to your health.

 If you have a high blood sugar level exceeding the normal range, you may deal with kidney damage, high blood pressure, glaucoma, skin problems, and nerve damage.

Lower blood sugar levels can affect your routine functioning causing symptoms like weakness, dizziness, shaking, difficulty in speaking, and confusion.

Best Test For Diabetes

Diabetes and prediabetes get tested using the 4 top tests for diabetes. Different types of tests are performed on different body fluids giving results confirming diabetes.

1: Fasting Plasma Glucose(FPG)

4 top tests for diabetes

An FPG test measures the glucose level in your blood at a particular time of the day. Experts prefer to take this test early in the morning after a long night’s fast.

Your physician will ask you to appear at the laboratory without taking even a bite. Any food eaten will affect the glucose level in the body, disturbing the test results.

The usual range of fasting plasma glucose is below 5.5mmol/100mg. If the results exceed the normal range, the patient has diabetes.

2: Glucose Tolerance Test(OGTT)

For detecting type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, and prediabetes, doctors use the OGTT test. It’s one of the most expensive tests from the 4 top tests for diabetes but cannot get replaced by any other test.

The procedure for the test is lengthy and complicated for some patients. You need to fast for at least eight hours before the test. A healthcare professional will take your blood sample after fasting. The glucose level in the blood sample gets tested to check the fasting blood levels.

Then a liquid with high amounts of glucose is given to the patient. A second blood sample is taken after 2 hours to check glucose tolerance. If the results counted a high blood glucose level, the patient could have diabetes.

3: A1C Test

This test uses a blood sample that gives the average blood glucose levels over the last three months. The test is also named as hemoglobin A1C test.

Patients can eat and drink before the test. Some factors are considered before taking this test, like whether the patient is anemic or pregnant. Any of these factors affect the results of the A1C test.

4: Random Plasma Glucose Test

As the name applies, this test gets taken at any time of the day. The patient could have eaten his last meal seconds before the test because it would not affect the results.

People with classic diabetes symptoms like frequent urination and unexplained weight loss are tested for random plasma glucose tests. If the test results are 200 mg/dl or higher, the patient must take a fasting plasma glucose test.

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