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Can You Sell Your Dexcom CGM

Can You Sell Your Dexcom CGM? A Guide to Resale Value

Yes, selling unused Dexcom supplies is generally considered legal and safe. It’s crucial, however, to choose reputable buyers and prioritize proper handling to ensure they remain effective and safe for future use.

As the Buyer, it’s your responsibility to ensure your supplies have been stored correctly and are still within their expiration dates. Reputable platforms will always prioritize safety and have guidelines around what they’ll accept.

What is the Value of My CGM?

Several factors determine your Dexcom’s resale value. Here’s the breakdown

● Expiration Date: The closer to expiry, the less valuable. Buyers want plenty of time to use them.

● Model: Newer models (like the G7) often command higher prices than older generations.

● Condition: Box intact, sensor packaging unopened – buyers want ‘like new’ supplies.

● Market Demand: Research current listings on resale platforms to get a sense of what people are paying for similar supplies.

Search for your Dexcom model (G6, G7, etc.) plus ‘resale’ or ‘used’. Compare prices adjusted for expiration dates. This gives you a realistic ballpark figure to start with.

Understanding the CGM Market

The growing popularity of CGMs for diabetes management, coupled with their high retail cost, drives a strong resale market for unused or lightly used supplies.”

Benefits for You, the Seller

● Recoup Costs: Diabetes supplies are expensive! Selling offsets some of those costs.

● Prevent Waste: Unused supplies going to waste is unfortunate; selling puts them to good use.

● Aid Accessibility: Your CGM can help someone who couldn’t afford one at full retail price.

Understanding the CGM Market
Understanding the CGM Market

How Much Does a CGM Cost? (The Buyer’s Viewpoint)

The reason a market for used CGMs exists is simple: they offer potential buyers a more affordable way to access vital technology. This makes your unused supplies incredibly valuable to those seeking better diabetes management.”

Conclusion: Benefits of Selling and Your Diabetics Trust Solution

Selling your unused Dexcom CGM gives it a second life, reduces waste, puts money back in your pocket, and most importantly, makes a big difference in the life of another person managing diabetes. At Diabetics Trust, we understand the importance of finding a reliable partner for selling your diabetic supplies. Our simple process, competitive pricing, and commitment to secure handling make us the smart choice.

Get a fast, fair quote for your Dexcom supplies today! Visit Diabetics Trust and see how easy it is to turn them into cash.

FAQs: All About Selling Your Unused Dexcom CGM

1- What specific Dexcom supplies can I sell?

Focus on the most popular items with a note about checking your platform: “The most in-demand items are typically sensors, transmitters, and occasionally receivers. Dexcom models like the G6 and G7 are highly sought after. Always check with your chosen resale platform for their specific accepted supplies list.”

2. How important are expiration dates?

Emphasize this heavily: “Expiration dates are crucial! Buyers want as much time to use the supplies as possible. Anything expired or nearing expiry is unlikely to sell. Clearly advertise expiration dates in your listings.”

3. How does the selling process work?

Briefly explain the general idea, then include a plug for Diabetics Trust: “Most platforms have a simple process: you provide information about your supplies, they give a quote, you ship (sometimes with a pre-paid label), and then get paid. At Diabetics Trust, we prioritize speed and simplicity!”

4. Is it safe to buy and use a resold Dexcom?

Reassure potential buyers concerned about the safety of used CGMs: As long as the supplies have been properly stored, are unopened, and within their expiration dates, they are safe to use. Reputable platforms will have strict guidelines to ensure the quality of the supplies they accept.

5. Are there alternatives to selling my Dexcom?

Acknowledge other options: “Donation is always a valuable choice, especially if your supplies are very close to expiry. Check with local diabetes organizations. Some manufacturers may also have take-back programs for disposal.”

6. What if I have more questions?

Provide support: Diabetics Trust is here to help! Contact us at support@diabeticstrust.com for any questions about selling your Dexcom or other diabetic supplies.

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