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Does Medicare Cover Diabetic Test Strips?

Does Medicare Cover Diabetic Test Strips?

If you are a diabetic patient or know someone with diabetes, you would know that this condition demands excellent care and supplies. One of these supplies is diabetic test strips, and patients often struggle with the question, “does medicare cover diabetic test strips?”

This article will explore the role of Medicare in supplying diabetic test strips, if there are any regulations in place, and what you can do to get your hands on these test strips.

How are Diabetic Test Strips Related to Medicare?

Diabetic test strips are included in the Durable Medical Equipment (DME), meaning you can only purchase these from a store approved by Medicare. Medicare may also restrict how many diabetic test strips you can buy monthly.

Does Medicare Cover Diabetic Test Strips?

The most frequently asked question regarding DME is, “does medicare cover diabetic test strips”? Under Medicare Part B, Medicare covers a chunk of your diabetic test strips cost. After you meet the Plan B Deductible, you will pay 20% of the amount approved by Medicare.

One of the primary requirements that Medicare demands to cover your diabetic test strips is that you must have a prescription from a registered medical practitioner. This prescription must have the following information:

  • Confirmation of your diagnosis, i.e., diabetes mellitus
  • The kind of glucose monitor or device you need and why you need it
  • The number of times you should check your blood glucose levels
  • The number of test strips and lancets you need

After getting a prescription with all this information, go to your preferred diabetes testing supply vendor. If they accept Medicare assignments, you will get all the supplies you need without paying, and Medicare will reimburse the supplier later.

So the answer to “does medicare cover test strips” is yes, they do – if you meet specific requirements.

Requirements of Medicare to Pay for Your Test Strips

We have already mentioned that Medicare pays for your test strips only if you meet the criteria they have standardized. Let’s discuss what you need to get their approval.

Medicare pays for different kinds of DME in different ways. What you must do depends on the type of equipment you’re looking for. You may need to rent it, buy it, or be able to choose whether to rent it or buy it.

Another requirement is that your doctors and DME suppliers must be enrolled in Medicare. It is difficult to find doctors and DME suppliers enrolled in Medicare because their standards are high, and they must adhere to the rules to stay enrolled strictly.

You will also need to provide a prescription, as mentioned before.

How Many Test Strips are Covered by Medicare?

Moving on from “does Medicare cover diabetes test strips,” let’s discuss the number of test strips covered by Medicare. Medicare will pay for approximately 300 strips and 300 lancets per month if you use insulin to manage your diabetes. However, if you have any alternate management means, you can qualify for about 100 test strips per month.

If you need more test strips than you are getting, your doctor can write a prescription saying that you need an xxx number of strips and that it is a medical necessity. Furthermore, they can also ask you to log how many strips you have used to prove that you need more.

What Brand of Test Strips Does Medicare Cover?

Medicare does not cover all brands selling diabetic supplies. Some of the brands they specifically support include:

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Before purchasing any supplies, check your coverage to avoid making any wrong purchases. You can ask your doctor, pharmacist, or supplier to check for you or contact Medicare directly.

Wrapping Up!

Does Medicare cover diabetic test strips? Yes! If you want to enroll in Medicare, you can join after meeting specific requirements. However, remember that Medicare does not support all kinds of brands, so check your coverage and ensure you utilize it in the best way possible.

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