Facts About Diabetes Type 2

Facts About Diabetes Type 2

Being a diabetic type 2 person, you might be frustrated by listening to the myths about diabetes. But facts are rather varied from myths the people usually believe in. Therefore, don’t be frustrated; you are not alone with type 2 diabetes.

In recent years 23 million have been diagnosed with diabetes in the US. Among these diagnostic people, 90-95% have type 2 diabetes. 

If you or your loved ones have developed diabetes, you should know the facts about type 2 diabetes. In this article, we’ll explain the facts about diabetes type 2 that help you live a lively life despite being diabetic.

Interesting Facts About Diabetes Type 2

  1. The Core Cause of Diabetes is not Excessive Sugar Consumption 

It’s a great myth, and everyone believes that the core cause of developing diabetes is excessive sugar intake. But the fact is somewhat different. 

Actually, type 2 diabetes develops when the pancreas produces insulin (hormone) irregularly, and the cells resist accepting this insulin

Excessive insulin remains in the blood and increases the blood sugar level. After these malfunctioning of the pancreas and cells, sugary and high calories beverages add to the adversity.

  • Non-dietary soda drinks
  • Fruit drinks
  • Artificial flavor juices
  • Energy drinks
  • High calories drinks
  • Excessive use of alcoholic drinks
  1. Cause of Sudden Changing Emotions

Sudden emotions changing is an interesting fact about type 2 diabetes. Most people don’t know about it. If you or your loved one suffer from this fatal disease, you must know about this fact. This includes:

  • Frustration
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Depression 

All these mood swings are due to regular basis oral medication, injected medication such as insulin, and repeating finger pricks for blood sugar monitoring. You can avoid such situations to keep yourself and others calm. 

Diabetes type 2 is your long-term companion. So be familiar and be friendly with this fatal companion to keep its adversities under control. Now latest technology has launched a high-quality blood sugar monitor without finger pricks. So get benefited with these gadgets.

  1. It Trapped Old Age Folks

Diabetes can develop in people of all age groups, but mostly and specifically, it traps old age folks. As you grow older, you might come close to the high-risk factors of type 2 diabetes. Nowadays, most young adults and teenagers also have this fatal disease. This situation is due to bad eating habits and lifestyle. 

  1. Overweight and Fat are the Main Culprit

Facts About Diabetes Type 2

It’s also a myth that being overweight and fat is the main culprit behind this incurable condition of type 2 diabetes. The main culprit is hidden behind the overweight and obese. The high calories sweetened, alcoholic drinks, and junk food add to gaining more weight, and fat accumulates gradually. This situation can be responsible for boosting the blood sugar level and making the situation more adverse. 

  1. It’s Manageable with Patience & Strength

Type 2 diabetes is incurable and a lifetime process. It can’t be treated with medication, rather than it can control the complexities. The situation can be manageable with patience and strength. You can manage things by following simple things:

  • Change your lifestyle.
  • Make a meal table and proper schedule.
  • Eat healthy and fresh fruits and vegs.
  • Add low-carbohydrate food to your meals.
  • Exercise on a daily basis.
  • Don’t stay inactive.
  • Don’t leave it untreated.

Fun Facts About Diabetes Type 2

  1. Despite Being Diabetic, You Can Enjoy Sweets

It’s a fun fact to eat sweets despite being diabetic. Yes, of course, you can enjoy your life to the fullest with type 2 diabetes. Hey, here are some limitations as well. You can enjoy sweet but not regular sugar. You can use low calories, sugar, and tablets available easily. Although its taste is a bit different, it provides you with your life’s sweetening.

Note: For high-quality insulin, multiple test strips, and blood sugar meters, consult people with Diabetics Trust

  1. Moderate Use of Coffee May Shorten the Risk

The moderate use of coffee may shorten the risk of being caught in type 2 diabetes. If you are a coffee lover, you are lucky indeed. If you are a tea lover, don’t panic, you can use it with a low amount of sugar.

  1. Still Can Dine Out With the Diabetic Conditions

You can still enjoy your life with your family dinners and parties as well. Don’t keep yourself close to the four walls of the house. It may cause depression and more health issues. 

The high sugar level can lead to heart attack, syndrome, eye issues, kidney effects, and other viral infections. So, shorten the complexities of type 2 diabetes. Live a happy and healthy life with your family and friends

Beware: Dine out occasionally, but be careful about your sugar level. Orders a meal that is healthy and contains low calories.

  1. You Can Plan to Increase Your Family 

It’s a remarkable fun fact; you can plan to increase your family. If you are female, you should take extraordinary care during your pregnancy. Don’t disappoint; you can have children but with special care or treatment. 

Note: Consult your gynecologist, dietician, obstetrician, and other specialists to make the best decision for your family.

Final Words

Whether you have type 2 diabetes or have some signs or risk factors for developing it in the future, you should know the ins and outs of type 2 diabetes. We have elaborated on the facts about diabetes type 2. Go through this guide; this will help you to live healthily and stay happy. 

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