The Top 5 Things to Know Before Selling Your Diabetic Test Strips

The Top 5 Things to Know Before Selling Your Diabetic Test Strips

Living with diabetes means managing a constant stream of expenses. One unavoidable cost is diabetic test strips, essential for monitoring your blood sugar levels. But what if you end up with a surplus of strips? Maybe your prescription changed, your insurance switched coverage, or you’ve improved your management and simply need fewer tests. Instead of tossing them, you can turn those unused boxes into cash!

Selling your unused diabetic test strips is a smart move. Not only does it earn you some extra money, but it helps reduce waste and provides affordable supplies to others with diabetes who might be struggling. If you’re ready to cash in, Diabetics Trust offers a safe, reliable, and hassle-free solution.

1. Check Expiration Dates

The most important rule of selling test strips: is never sell expired ones. Expired strips can give inaccurate readings, potentially harming the buyer. Before listing your strips, carefully check the expiration dates on each box. Aim to sell strips with a good amount of time left before they expire to make them attractive to buyers.

2. Understand Brand Preferences

Not every test strip brand is created equal in the resale market. Some brands are more popular and in higher demand than others. Do a quick search online (on reselling platforms or even Diabetics Trust) to see what brands are currently sought-after. This will give you a sense of how marketable your particular test strips are. Diabetics Trust accepts a wide range of popular brands, so there’s a good chance we’ll be interested in yours.

3. Ensure Proper Storage

Diabetes test strips are sensitive to environmental factors. Extreme temperatures or humidity can damage the strips and make them less accurate. Make sure you’ve stored your unused strips according to the manufacturer’s instructions, usually in a cool, dry place.

Highlighting proper storage builds trust in your product. When you decide to sell through Diabetics Trust, you can be confident that we only buy and resell strips that have been cared for correctly. This guarantees quality for our customers.

4. Know Where to Sell

You have a few options when it comes to selling your unused test strips:

● Online Marketplaces: Sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace give you a wide audience but involve managing listings, price negotiations, and shipping yourself.

● Specialized Resellers: Companies like Diabetics Trust are dedicated to buying and reselling diabetic test strips. We streamline the process with fair prices, and simple instructions, and often cover shipping costs.

● Local Communities: Sometimes you can connect with buyers directly through local diabetes support groups or online forums.

If you’re looking for the most convenient and reliable way to sell your strips, Diabetics Trust is the way to go. Simply visit our website to get a quote and learn about our easy selling process.

Know Where to Sell
Know Where to Sell

5. Sell Responsibly

When selling diabetic test strips, honesty and transparency are key. Always be upfront with potential buyers about the following:

● Expiration Dates: Clearly state the expiration date of every box you’re selling.

● Storage Conditions: Let buyers know your strips have been stored appropriately.

● Any Other Relevant Details: If a box is open (but with unused strips), mention this in your listing.

Selling responsibly builds trust, making buyers more likely to choose you. Diabetics Trust is committed to ethical practices and only deals with reputable sellers offering quality products.


Selling your unused diabetic supplies is a fantastic way to recoup some costs, prevent waste, and help fellow members of the diabetes community access affordable testing supplies. By understanding expiration dates, popular brands, proper storage, selling platforms, and the importance of transparency, you’ll be well-equipped to succeed. Ready to get started? Visit Diabetics Trust today and turn those extra boxes into cash!

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