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Please make sure your products meet the guidelines of our "Buy Back" program. Safety is always Diabetics Trust main concern and items that are less than perfect make it hard for us to redistribute. Any items "slightly" damaged i.e. dents, dings, creases, small tears etc. will be discounted by up to 50%. Rejected items will be returned. *Minimum $5 return shipping fee will apply. See FAQ and Terms & Conditions for more info.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Diabetics Trust consider some factors when determining the price for your products, including brand, expiry date, and condition.

Best place to sell diabetic test strips and other products, please click on the “Get Quote” button above to get more information about the specific items you have. Contact us now and earn extra cash by selling your diabetic test strips to Diabetics Trust.

Valid question! Diabetics Trust program was started to help diabetics like yourself. Our goal is always to build long term relationships. We would never cheat our clients out of a few bucks and risk ruining our reputation. That being said, we have many clients that have told us they didn't receive money from other companies. Fair warning!

We receive hundreds of boxes a day... but try our best to inspect and process payment within the next 5 business days once received. (Mon - Fri) You will be notified once payment has been sent.

*Except holidays

Diabetics Trust generally will not accept products for the following reasons... 

  • Boxes with any type of stain or marks.
  • Opened/unsealed boxes.
  • Smashed/crushed/ripped boxes.
  • Damage to the seal of the box.
  • Boxes that the expiration date is expired or set to expire within 7 months unless stated.
  • Any brand that isn’t on our price list.

We can however accept certain items at a 50% discount as long as they are sealed. Rips/non-blood stains with a total area smaller than a dime, slightly dented, creased or with an expiration dates of 7-9 months.

Diabetics trust always want to pay our clients as much as possible. However safety is our main concern and any slight defect makes it hard for us to redistribute.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more details.

We strongly suggest you leave them on, so you don't accidentally damage your items. Diabetics Trust always remove and destroy the labels before redistributing. If you want to exclude your info, you're welcome to snip or carefully mark it out with a felt tipped sharpie. However, if ink penetrates the label, it will be considered damaged and rejected.

No, You can't. Diabetics Trust is committed to providing patients with diabetes with high-quality, safe, and effective diabetic products. We cannot ensure the quality and efficacy of opened or expired products, so we do not accept opened or expired diabetes products.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We welcome you if you want to sell diabetic test strips whose boxes are sealed and within the expiration date.

Please don't! Diabetics Trust pay a lot to have them shipped to us. Please inspect your products before sending. We may choose to return items that don't qualify for our program, however  a minimum $5 return shipping fee will apply to cover the cost. Please review our Terms and Conditions to avoid any issues.

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    Want to Sell Diabetic Test Strips for Cash?

    Diabetics Trust is a buyer you can trust to sell diabetic test strips for cash. If you or a loved one has extra diabetic supplies, we can help you turn them into cash immediately.

    It is easy and straightforward to sell your unused test strips for cash to Diabetics Trust. Simply fill out our checkout form with information about the diabetic supplies you have for sale, and we will provide you with a quote. After the deal, you will ship us your diabetes test strips or other supplies. Once we receive them, we will promptly issue payment to you via check or Cash App usually within next 5 days.

    We understand that the cost of managing diabetes can be expensive, you can consider selling diabetic test strips to cover some of those costs. Plus, by Selling diabetes test strips to us, we guarantee they will be put to good use and will not go to waste.

    Sell diabetic supplies legally and looking to sell unused test strips and insulin locally? And have a question is it legal to sell diabetic test strips? And where can I sell unused insulin supplies and convert them into cash? Don’t worry. Diabetics Trust helps you turn them into cash immediately.

    Selling Diabetic Supplies: Why and How?

    Diabetic supplies are the materials and equipment people with diabetes need to manage their condition. These include insulin, test strips, lancets, glucose meters, and other medications. These supplies are essential for people with diabetes to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and avoid complications.

    Selling diabetic supplies is a way to make some extra cash while helping others struggling to afford them. You may have extra supplies because you’ve switched to a different type of medication, your doctor has changed your dosage, or your condition has improved. 

    John, a diabetic patient, had some extra diabetic supplies after his doctor changed his medication. He decided to sell the unused supplies online and made some extra cash, which he used to purchase a new insulin pump. By selling his unused supplies, John was able to help other people with diabetes while also benefiting himself financially.