Rejected Products

At Diabetics Trust, we are dedicated to providing transparency and client satisfaction. To maintain the utmost standards, we’ve selected a showcase of products that, unfortunately, have been rejected due to not meeting our requirements.

This gallery serves as a transparent guide for our clients, ensuring they understand the standards we uphold for their well-being.

We have very strict safety protocols we follow and even the slightest damage makes it difficult for us to redistribute.

Pinch to Zoom pictures

Pinch to Zoom Picture

Pinch to zoom pictures


Tear 3
Tear 2
Tape unremovable


Stain - water
Stain 1
Stain 3
Stain 1

Seal Damage

Seal Damage
Seal Damage

Rx Label Removed

Damage under label
Label was removed
Prescription label was removed

Pharmacy Reglued

Reglued 3
Reglued 3


creased product
Creased products
Dented product image
Dented products
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