Can diabetes cause heart attack?

Can diabetes cause heart attack?

Diabetes is a serious, chronic health condition that affects millions of people in the United States. It is a lifelong condition requiring daily management and is associated with various health risks, including heart disease.

Diabetes can increase your risk of heart attack, so it is important to understand the link between the two conditions and the steps you can take to prevent a heart attack. 

Can diabetes cause heart attack?

When you have diabetes, you’re more at risk of heart disease. It is also called cardiovascular disease (CVD) or coronary disease and can lead to heart attacks and strokes. 

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If you have high blood sugar levels for a while, even slightly high, your blood vessels can get damaged, leading to serious heart complications.

Because your body can’t use all of this sugar properly, more of it sticks to your red blood cells and builds up in your blood. This build-up can block and damage the vessels carrying blood to and from your heart, starving the heart of oxygen and nutrients.

So, keeping as close as possible to your target HbA1c level will help protect your blood vessels and your heart. Even mildly raised blood sugar levels can, over time, put you more at risk.

Factors for heart attack

The two most important factors of heart attack are:

High Cholesterol: The most common cause of Heart Attack is arteriosclerosis or atherosclerosis. It happens when your Cholesterol is too high, thus leading the extra fat in your blood to stick to the walls of your blood vessels.

After some time, this fat gets hardened and is known as Plaque. This hard plaque results in the narrowness of blood vessels and hence leaves less room for the blood to flow, which causes Heart Attack.

High Blood Pressure: Makin blood vessels hard and narrow will lead to Hypertension or High Blood vessels. High Blood Pressure puts an extra strain on your blood vessels on top of the strain from High Cholesterol.

Narrowing the blood vessels can also affect the other body parts like your legs and foot. It is called Peripheral Vascular disease (PVD), which is left untreated and also leads to amputation.

Steps to reduce the risk of heart attack

You can take several steps to reduce your risk of heart attack if you have diabetes. These include: 

Steps to reduce the risk of heart attack
  1. Get Examine regularly:

Get yourself a family doctor and get yourself examined every month to know if you are healthy or have any illness that needs to be treated.

  1. Know your Numbers:

Keep track of your blood sugar, blood pressure levels, and weight. Let your healthcare team know if you see changes or trends of higher or lower results.

  • Live a healthy lifestyle:

Exercise regularly and make healthy food choices. Diabetes Food Hub® is an excellent resource for healthy recipes and tools to create shopping lists with items you can purchase through the site.

Taking these steps can help you reduce your risk of heart attack and other complications of diabetes. It is important to talk to your doctor about your risk of heart attack and the steps you can take to reduce it.

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FAQs: Can diabetes cause heart attack?

Can stress cause heart attack?

Stress may lead to high blood pressure, posing a heart attack and stroke risk. Stress also may contribute to such cardiovascular disease risks as smoking, overeating and lack of physical activity.

Can anxiety cause heart attack?

According to Drs. “Anxiety doesn’t necessarily cause heart disease, but it certainly doesn’t help it. For those who have an underlying cardiac condition, anxiety or a panic attack can exacerbate underlying cardiac problems and even trigger events.”


After reading all the article, you can conclude that Diabetes can cause heart attack. People with diabetes should prevent heart attacks by controlling their blood sugar levels, living healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, and monitoring their health. 

Furthermore, people without diabetes should also be aware of the risks of a heart attack so that they can take preventive measures. So, the answer of “Can diabetes cause heart attack?” is YES.

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