How Big is Insulin Market In US

How Big is Insulin Market In the US?

The USA, grappling with a considerable diabetic population, hosts a substantial and swiftly evolving diabetic market. Ranging from insulin to diabetic test strips, the market is replete with products aimed at facilitating disease management. 

Today, we will discuss the U.S. diabetic market’s current size, its significant contributors, and the legalities concerning the sale of diabetic supplies.

Size and Scope of the U.S. Diabetic Market

The U.S. diabetic market has witnessed substantial growth in recent years. Fueled by the rise in diabetes prevalence, advancements in diabetic care technology. With the introduction of novel products, this market, as of 2021, was valued at an estimated USD 11.14 billion. Demonstrating a promising compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

Key Market Contributors

The U.S. diabetic market is a consortium of various contributors, from global pharmaceutical corporations to innovative startups. All strive to enhance diabetes care through the development and distribution of diverse products. Such as insulin, oral antidiabetics, diabetic test strips, and state-of-the-art glucose monitoring systems.

Product Diversity in the Diabetic Market

The U.S. diabetic market offers an array of products designed to cater to the different needs of diabetic patients. These products include different types of insulin, test strips, glucose meters, continuous glucose monitoring systems, and insulin delivery devices. Each plays a pivotal role in diabetes management.

How Big is Insulin Market In US

Legalities Surrounding the Sale of Diabetic Supplies

In the U.S., the secondary market for diabetic supplies like test strips has seen substantial growth. While it is legal to sell unused test strips, some rules govern the process. For instance, test strips must be unopened, in original packaging, and have an adequate expiration date. 

However, selling supplies that were paid for by Medicaid or other federal health programs is prohibited.

Hotspots for Selling Diabetic Supplies

Certain areas in the U.S. have proven to be hotspots for selling unused diabetic supplies, with significant demand observed in states like Texas, Florida, and California. 

These areas, hosting a large diabetic population, present an ample market for unused diabetic supplies, offering a practical solution for those with excess supplies and those who struggle with the high cost of diabetic care.


The U.S. diabetic market is vast, diverse, and continually evolving, with contributions from numerous players and a wide variety of products. While the legal framework allows for the resale of unused diabetic supplies, it’s essential to ensure the process abides by the rules set forth to maintain the integrity and safety of the market. 

With particular regions presenting an increased demand for such supplies, there are plenty of opportunities to be tapped in this dynamic market.

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