How to Earn 500 Rupees per Day with Unused Diabetic Supplies

How to Earn 500$ per Day with Unused Diabetic Supplies

Hello money-makers,

Do you have unused diabetic supplies gathering dust at your home? Are you aware that you could transform these idle items into a daily income source? Yes, you heard it right! In this blog post, we’ll reveal how you can easily make 500$ a day by selling your unused test strips and insulin supplies. 

Join us as we explore this unique money-making opportunity, brought to you by

Value of Unused Diabetic Supplies

If you’re a diabetic or have someone in your family who is, you’re likely familiar with the surplus diabetic supplies that accumulate over time. These supplies, like test strips and insulin, are critical for managing diabetes. 

However, when they are no longer needed, they often end up stashed away, expiring, and going to waste.

But what if we told you that there is value in these unused supplies, that they could turn into a steady stream of income? is a platform that lets you monetize these supplies. 

By selling your unused test strips and insulin supplies, you can make up to (and sometimes more than) 500$ a day!

How Does Work?

  • Visit and click on ‘Get a Quote.’
  • Provide details about your unused diabetic supplies.
  • We’ll quickly provide you with a quote for your supplies.
  • If you agree with the quote, we’ll send you a prepaid shipping label for you to send your supplies to us.
  • Once we’ve received and validated the supplies, we’ll process your payment. It’s as simple and secure as that!
How to Earn 500 Rupees per Day with Unused Diabetic Supplies

The Impact of Your Actions

Apart from being an effective way to earn extra cash, selling your unused diabetic supplies has a broader impact. By doing so, you are playing a critical role in supporting those who struggle to afford these essential supplies. 

You not only earn money but also contribute to a community that’s working towards making diabetic care more accessible for everyone.

Other Ways to Earn 500$ per Day

While selling your unused diabetic supplies is an excellent way to earn money, it’s worth exploring other options. Some of these could include:

Freelancing: Offer your skills online as a freelancer. Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are excellent platforms for this.

Online Tutoring: If you’re good at a particular subject, consider teaching others online. Websites like Chegg and are great for online tutoring jobs.

Completing Online Surveys: Platforms like Survey Junkie or Swagbucks pay you for completing surveys.


Generating 500$ a day is no longer a far-fetched dream. With platforms like, you can easily monetize unused diabetic supplies. So why let these supplies go to waste when they can be your ticket to 500$ a day?

Visit today, and start turning your unused supplies into cash. Your journey to a daily income of 500$ begins with a simple step. Take that step today and open the door to a world of financial opportunities!

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