Pros and Cons of Insulin Pumps

Pros and Cons of Insulin Pumps

Whether you are a regular insulin pump user or just beginning to use them, you must be looking for insulin pump advantages and disadvantages. They are much more portable and easy to use.

You don’t have to inject so many syringes into your body daily for insulin. Apart from that, you can control your diabetes in a better way as compared to other medicines like Ozempic Pen.

To learn how life is living with an insulin pump, read our article and look for further information on the Diabetics Trust blog. They have years of experience guiding patients regarding diabetes.

What Are Insulin Pumps?

They are electronic devices designed to control the blood glucose levels of diabetic patients. Using the right insulin pump reduces the complications of diabetes.

However, insulin pumps do not suit every diabetic patient because of insulin pump advantages and disadvantages. So move on to the next headings and discover the pros and cons of insulin pumps. But remember to focus on the pros and cons of insulin injections too. Only then will you be able to make an informed decision? 

Pros of Insulin Pumps

Insulin On Time

Instead of frequently bearing the pain of syringe insertion, you have an inserted cannula already. This helps you get painless insulin doses whenever required and save yourself from a needle before every meal.

Lesser Insertions

Although in insulin pumps, a catheter or cannula needs to be implanted in your body after every few days. Yet it’s better than a needle in 2 or 3 times a day in your body. So you will have less holes in your body with an insulin pump.

Easy Dealing With Basal Rates

You can adjust the settings of your pump to deliver different doses of insulin throughout the day. For example, if you have higher glucose levels during the day, you can choose to supply insulin at different times during the day, and it means you can pause the insulin supply at night.

Flexible Meal Time

Pros and Cons of Insulin Pumps

You don’t need to fix your meal times with insulin intake now. Instead, you can have flexible meal times whenever you want. Even you can add different deserts to your meals without fearing another needle.

Cons of Insulin Pumps 

Extremely Expensive 

Living with an insulin pump brings on lots of issues, and an elevated monthly budget is one of them. Insulin pumps are mostly expensive and increase your monthly budget. Changing the company of your insulin pump might save some dollars. Still, it will cost thousands.

Hurdles In Getting A Pump On NHS

Meeting the requirements of applying a pump on the NHS can sometimes be overwhelming and emotional for most people. At times you may have no difficulty and will be able to have its straight away application.

Difficulty Changing Infusion Set

Even if you need the infusion every few days, it is still worse than an injection. Changing the infusion site is a long and sometimes more painful process than a single injection. Also, you may have to visit the hospital if there is no one at home for changing the infusions. A common person can’t do these infusions unless he’s an expert.

Risk of Skin Infections

In an infusion, a catheter is inserted into the skin, and this increases the chances of more skin infections due to the open site. While with insulin injection, this is not the case.


Are insulin pumps expensive?

 Yes, insulin pumps are expensive and cost more than $6000. Apart from the price of the pump, you also have to invest in the monthly supplies of the pump, which increases the price of the pump even more.

What are the basic problems with insulin pumps?

 As insulin pumps are attached to the skin, they can affect your skin and soft tissue. The reactions of the tape and adhesives used to attach the pump to the body are very common issues.

Final Words

Looking at the pros and cons of insulin pumps, you can find many good things about them. Yet, they are much more expensive than other types of diabetic medicines. So you can check if Medicare covers test strips and insulin pumps.

Further, if you have additional supplies of insulin pumps, you can sell them to Diabetics Trust. The procedure is simple; you parcel the insulin pumps to Diabetics Trust, and they’ll pay you for it. The best thing is that you’ll be paid within three business days of receiving your parcel.

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