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Real Stories of People Selling Their Diabetic Test Strips

Real Stories of People Selling Their Diabetic Test Strips

In a world where commodities range from stocks to bitcoins, an unexpected player has entered the scene of diabetic test strips. You heard it right! 

Let’s discuss the experiences of people who’ve found themselves in the unexpected position of selling these vital medical supplies.

Background Information

Before we dive into the stories, let’s set the stage. Diabetes is a chronic condition affecting millions worldwide. Diabetic test strips, crucial for monitoring blood glucose levels, have become a hot commodity due to their high retail price and the demand among those who can’t afford them. 

This scenario has birthed a ‘grey market’ where excess test strips find new homes.

The Stories of the Sellers

Let’s meet our protagonists – the sellers in this unique marketplace.

The Overstocked – Meet Sarah, whose supply of strips surpassed her demand due to a change in her medical condition. Staring at her surplus strips, she made a choice to sell them, redirecting these crucial supplies to those in need.

The Good Samaritan – Then there’s Dave, a retiree who found himself in possession of his late wife’s unused test strips. Struck by the potential benefit to others, he decided to sell at discounted prices, a decision that fueled his sense of purpose.

The Opportunist – On the other end of the spectrum is Rick, who stumbled upon the economic potential of selling test strips. For him, it became a side business that brought in extra cash.

The Unexpected Seller – Lastly, we have Lisa, who inherited her father’s test strips. After researching, she decided to sell, transforming a personal loss into help for others.

Personal and Societal Implications

Selling diabetic test strips not only impacted the lives of our protagonists but also revealed wider implications for healthcare. The stories above reflect how a surplus of vital medical supplies can become an unexpected lifeline for others.

Real Stories of People Selling Their Diabetic Test Strips

The Legal and Ethical Crossroads

Each of our protagonists found themselves at legal and ethical crossroads. While the resale is generally legal, it is also a murky territory with various state laws coming into play. 

Ethically, the intention to help others wrestled with concerns over quality control and the risk of supporting a market outside the regulated healthcare system.

Lessons Learned

From Sarah’s altruism to Rick’s opportunism, each seller’s story reveals a spectrum of motivations and outcomes. 

Their advice for others considering the same path? Do your research, understand the implications, and think about the impact your actions could have.


The world of diabetic test strip resale is not just about an unexpected commodity; it’s about people, their stories, and the broader healthcare landscape. As we shed light on these real-life narratives, we invite you to join the conversation. What’s your perspective?

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