Sell diabetic supplies in New Orleans

Sell Diabetic Supplies in New Orleans

According to recent studies, the prevalence of diabetes in New Orleans is high. As per the CDC, Louisiana has a diabetes rate of 12.3%, which is higher than the national average of 10.5%. However, the good news is that with proper management and treatment, diabetes can be controlled, and patients can recover.

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In terms of the percentage of people recovering from diabetes in New Orleans, the numbers are encouraging. According to the Louisiana Department of Health, the percentage of people with diabetes who achieved an HbA1c level of less than 7% (an indicator of good diabetes control) was 53.7%. This shows that more than half of the patients are successfully managing their diabetes.

If you are a diabetic in New Orleans and are looking to sell diabetic test strips, it’s important to be cautious about the companies you deal with. Not all companies are trustworthy, and some may try to take advantage of you. It’s recommended to only deal with reputable and trustworthy companies that specialize in diabetic supplies.

One such company is Diabetics Trust, a trusted and reliable source for selling diabetic test strips and other supplies in New Orleans. They offer competitive prices for unused and unexpired test strips, and they make the process quick and easy.

In conclusion, while the prevalence of diabetes in New Orleans is high, the percentage of people recovering from the condition is also encouraging. For diabetics looking to sell their test strips, it’s important to deal with trustworthy and reputable companies like Diabetics Trust to ensure a fair and hassle-free experience.

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