Sell My Diabetic Supplies In Philadelphia

Sell My Diabetic Supplies In Philadelphia

The percentage of diabetes in Philadelphia is high, with approximately 12.2% of adults living with the condition. According to the American Diabetes Association, that translates to around 190,000 people. 

This number is concerning as diabetes is a chronic condition that can lead to other severe health complications, including kidney failure, blindness, and heart disease. It’s essential to understand how the numbers are changing in the city to address the issue effectively.

Fun Facts about Diabetes in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a city with a rich history and culture. Here are some fun facts related to diabetes in Philadelphia that you may find interesting:

  • The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia was the site of the first successful isolation of insulin in 1921.
  • The Philadelphia Zoo has a diabetes education program called “Zoo for All.” The program educates children about healthy eating habits and the importance of physical activity to prevent diabetes.
  • The “Rocky Steps,” made famous by the movie “Rocky,” is a popular spot for tourists visiting Philadelphia. Climbing the steps is a great way to get some exercise and lower your risk of developing diabetes.

If you have diabetes, you know how expensive it can be to manage the disease. Diabetics Trust is a company that buys all your extra unused test strips and supplies. They offer competitive prices and free shipping. 

Diabetics Trust is a trustworthy company that you can count on to buy your extra supplies. They provide a hassle-free way to sell your extra supplies and help others who may not be able to afford them.

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