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A Global View on Insulin It’s Costs, Transport, and Accessibility

A Global View on Insulin It’s Costs, Transport, and Accessibility

The complex landscape of managing diabetes often leaves individuals with numerous questions about insulin – its cost, accessibility, handling, and even its history. 

This guide aims to address these common inquiries and offer a broader perspective on insulin around the globe, ultimately aiming to empower you with the knowledge to navigate your diabetes journey confidently.

Who can ship insulin?

Shipping insulin requires particular care, given its temperature sensitivity. Generally, licensed pharmacies and healthcare providers are equipped with the necessary resources to ship insulin safely.

Can I import insulin to the US?

Importing prescription drugs, including insulin, is generally restricted by the FDA due to safety concerns. It is advisable to consult with healthcare professionals or legal experts for the most accurate information.

Can we carry insulin in international flights? How do you transport insulin on an international flight?

Yes, you can carry insulin on international flights. It’s crucial to pack it in a clear, airtight bag in your carry-on luggage to maintain its temperature and prevent damage. Always carry a copy of your prescription or a letter from your doctor for smooth security checks.

Why is US insulin so expensive?

The high cost of insulin in the US is a complex issue tied to many factors, including patent laws, lack of generic competition, and pricing practices.

Is insulin-free in Canada?

While insulin is not free in Canada, the country’s healthcare system does provide coverage that significantly reduces the cost compared to other countries.

Where is insulin the most expensive?

As of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, insulin tends to be the most expensive in countries like the United States, where there’s limited regulation on drug prices.

Can I buy insulin in Canada?

Yes, you can buy insulin in Canada. However, regulations may limit the quantity you can purchase and bring back to your home country.

A Global View on Insulin It’s Costs, Transport, and Accessibility

Is insulin free in the UK?

In the UK, insulin is provided free of charge at the point of delivery through the National Health Service (NHS).

Who invented insulin?

Insulin was discovered by Frederick Banting, Charles Best, and James Collip in 1921 at the University of Toronto, Canada.

Is insulin-free in Australia?

In Australia, the cost of insulin is significantly reduced due to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

Is insulin expensive in Singapore?

The cost of insulin in Singapore depends on whether you’re a citizen, a permanent resident, or a non-resident, with varying subsidies applicable.

Is 20 units of insulin a lot?

The amount of insulin needed varies greatly from person to person. What might be a lot for one person could be just right for another. Always consult with your healthcare provider for your specific insulin needs.

What can diabetics get free?

Various organizations and programs provide free or discounted diabetes supplies and services. These can range from glucose meters and test strips to education programs.


Understanding the complexities of insulin – from its history and cost variations to travel restrictions and handling – is an essential part of managing diabetes. 

While challenges exist, platforms like DiabeticsTrust.com provide a reliable solution for managing your extra diabetes supplies responsibly, creating a safer, more accessible environment for everyone in the diabetic community.

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