Alaska's Answer to Selling Extra Diabetic Test Strips

Alaska’s Answer to Selling Extra Diabetic Test Strips

Hello, fellow Alaskans!

Are you wondering what to do with your extra diabetic test strips? Here at, we’ve got you covered. Our platform provides an excellent opportunity for Alaskans to turn extra diabetic supplies into cash, while also supporting those in our community who need them most. Let’s discuss the demand in different Alaskan cities for these crucial supplies.

Anchorage: The City of Lights and Flights

As Alaska’s most populous city, Anchorage represents a substantial portion of our state’s diabetic community. This means the demand for affordable diabetic supplies is high. If you’re an Anchorage resident with excess diabetic supplies, selling them on can help meet this need while providing you with some extra income.

Fairbanks: The Golden Heart City

In Fairbanks, the heart of the Interior region, access to affordable health supplies is a pressing concern for many, given its remote location. Your extra diabetic supplies could make a world of difference to a fellow Fairbanks resident. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to make some cash.

Juneau: The Remote Capital’s Call

Juneau, our beautiful and isolated state capital, has a unique health landscape. As one of the most remote state capitals in the US, access to medical supplies can be challenging. By selling your surplus diabetic supplies on, you provide essential support for Juneau’s diabetic community and profit from the transaction.

Alaska's Answer toSelling Extra Diabetic Test Strips

Sitka: Health Amidst the Islands

Sitka, located on Baranof Island, is home to a robust community that sometimes struggles with healthcare access due to its geographic isolation. Your unused diabetic supplies can be a lifeline for Sitka residents managing their diabetes, and you stand to make a fair profit.

Ketchikan: Gateway to Better Health

Ketchikan, the “First City” of Alaska due to its location, also needs diabetic supplies. If you have extra supplies and are based in Ketchikan, consider selling them on You could earn some money and ensure these vital resources reach those in our community who need them most.

Comparing the Cities:

While each Alaskan city has its unique health needs influenced by factors like population size and geographic location, it’s clear there’s a statewide demand for affordable diabetic supplies. Cities like Anchorage and Fairbanks, with their larger populations, naturally have a higher demand. However, smaller, more isolated cities like Juneau, Sitka, and Ketchikan also have pressing needs due to their remote locations.

Regardless of which city you call home, selling your extra diabetic supplies on can significantly impact your fellow Alaskans’ health. So why wait? Turn your unused supplies into cash today, and join us in our mission to make diabetes management more accessible across The Last Frontier.

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